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The Heartbeat of
The Village

The Presbyterian Village North Foundation is unique in that we are led by residents. We have created a strategy of making grants to support Presbyterian Village North and its residents now, and in the future. The Foundation also raises funds and makes grants to other worthwhile entities and causes when it considers it appropriate.

Residents' Assistance Fund

A Legacy of Caring

The Residents’ Assistance Fund provides financial assistance to residents who, through no fault of their own, have exhausted the assets necessary to maintain their residency at PVN.

The Foundation makes RAF grants to reimburse various costs for residents who have resided at PVN for at least six years and who meet certain criteria as stated in the guidelines. Eligible residents come from all areas of the PVN campus: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Health Care, and/or Alzheimer’s Special Care.

Continuing its legacy of caring, the Residents’ Assistance Fund, originally known as the Caring Fund, has provided over $13,800,000 for more than 140 residents since the fund’s inception.

The RAF exemplifies the character of the Foundation and speaks to its mission of generosity, security, and care.




Enriching Lives of the Residents

Through prudent investments and the generosity of donors, the Foundation makes grants for capital improvements to Presbyterian Village North as well as grants to enrich the lives of residents at The Village and for other worthy causes.

Grant requests originate from Presbyterian Village North management and residents and are reviewed and approved by the Board. At times, the Board makes recommendations for other grants.

Grants Made


Grants Totaling


Notable projects funded through the grants program.

UT Southwestern Medical Center

In December of 2014, the Foundation made gifts totaling $1,250,000 to support Alzheimer’s research and establish the Presbyterian Village North Foundation Distinguished Chair in Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutic Research. The PVNF made the gifts partly as an outgrowth of the work of Dr. Myron Weiner and Dr. Paul Chafetz, who helped establish the Alzheimer’s Disease Care Wing at Presbyterian Village North during the period 1995-98.

“UT Southwestern Medical Center is doing groundbreaking work in fighting a disease that touches so many of the residents of Presbyterian Village North, as well as their families and loved ones. It is our great wish to endow this important work in perpetuity — knowing that people will always find care and benefit.”

—Robert Maier, Vice Chair PVN Foundation, 2014

Gateway Society

Future Focused

The purpose of the Gateway Society is to encourage residents, their families, and friends to remember the PVN Foundation in the distribution of their assets so that the Foundation can maintain an adequate fund base. These funds help the Foundation provide for continuing residence and skilled nursing under the Residents’ Assistance Fund, provide for additional and improved facilities at Presbyterian Village North,  provide for a broad range of other programs, facilities, and services that benefit residents and provide for other worthwhile charitable causes.


The idea for the Gateway Society came about from concerns the Foundation Board members had about funding  future needs. This concern prompted the idea to form a group that believed in the Foundation’s mission and would partner with the Foundation to make a financial commitment to ensure the success of the mission. The Gateway Society was born, providing a gateway to the future.

The program was approved by the Board of Trustees in 2000 under the leadership of Kyle Hobin, Executive Director at the time. In early 2001, the Gateway Society was introduced to PVN residents during the Residents Village Council meeting and in Presbyterian Village North’s resident newsletter, The Village Bugle.

This special group of individuals understands the mission of the PVN Foundation and is an essential component to accomplishing that mission. Gateway members leave a lasting legacy of generosity, dedication to excellence, and faithful care for members of their community.

On November 16, 2002, the Foundation honored twenty-six Charter Members of the Gateway Society at its first annual banquet. The program also recognized a number of individuals who had remembered the Foundation in their wills.

Each November the Foundation hosts a banquet to install new members and to recognize those who have made or pledged a significant gift to the Foundation.

The Gateway Advisory Committee, a resident led group of Gateway members, plans all the details of the evening from the dinner menu to the entertainment. It is a delightful evening to celebrate those who have the vision and charitable intent to leave a legacy for the future.

The Gateway Society always welcomes new members. Please stop by the Foundation offices or email us with any questions. Below are ways to become a part of this special group.

  • Remember the Foundation in your will.
  • Make the Foundation the beneficiary or partial beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy.
  • Name the Foundation as the beneficiary of a percentage of a retirement account, an IRA, or a certificate of deposit.
  • Invest in an annuity or charitable trust and name the Foundation as the charitable beneficiary.
  • Contribute $5,000 or more (per person).

Chautauqua Cultural Arts

Singularly Unique and Wonderful

The Chautauqua series, launched in March of 1990, was established to bring programs to Presbyterian Village North that would not normally be available through existing channels. Dr. Leonard suggested that Foundation funds be used to finance a series of programs as an expression of appreciation to the residents for their support of the Foundation. Then Foundation President, Tom Beauchamp, proposed that the series carry the name “Chautauqua,” after the traveling programs that were popular at the turn of the 20th century. The idea was to include all types of entertainment programs that would benefit and enrich the lives of the residents.

The Foundation sponsors five or six quality cultural programs each year for the enjoyment of the residents by presenting a yearly series of programs that are uplifting, entertaining, and wholesome. This resident-led  Chautauqua Committee is responsible for researching, vetting, and booking performers. Individuals who serve on the Committee are talented and well-educated individuals, many of whom have backgrounds in the arts.