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Service Above Self

In addition to other benevolent purposes, the Presbyterian Village North Foundation was primarily created to provide funds for continuing residence or skilled nursing to residents, who, through no fault of their own, no longer have sufficient assets to pay for residency.

About Us

Committed, Caring and Compassionate

Since 1985, more than 140 residents have benefitted from the Foundation’s Residents’ Assistance Fund (RAF), with payments totaling over $13,800,000. Because of the generosity of our donors and careful management of funds, the Foundation has made grants for facility improvements and enhanced resident living in a variety of ways, such as through the Chautauqua Cultural Arts program.

Since the inception of the Foundation in 1984, more than $31,000,000 has been distributed in grants to benefit Presbyterian Village North, its residents, and other benevolent causes.

Today, the Foundation reflects the spirit of generosity and kindness of the residents at Presbyterian Village North. This sustaining benevolence marks the Foundation as the Heartbeat of The Village.

Total Grants Since 1984


Well-Being and Campus Improvements


Residents' Assistance Fund


Our Mission

The Presbyterian Village North Foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of life for residents of Presbyterian Village North by making grants for financial assistance under the Residents’ Assistance Fund guidelines and by providing grants for campus improvements, services and cultural programs. The Presbyterian Village North Foundation may also provide funds to other benevolent and worthwhile entities and causes when considered appropriate.

Our History

  • 1984 - 
    The Presbyterian Village North Foundation was incorporated
  • 1985 - 
    The Foundation began operations
  • 1990 - 
    Chautauqua Program Begins
  • 2001 - 
    Gateway Society Created


Visionary — Leader — Friend

—Dr. Don Leonard


Jim & Bess Blanchette Life Style Fitness Center opens.

  • 2013 - 
    Joyce Hall Remodel
  • 2014 - 
    UT Southwestern Gift
  • 2017 - 
    Life Style Fitness Center Opens
  • 2019 - 
    New Buses

Our Leadership

Dedicated to Excellence.

Our board of trustees has a long tenure, with varied backgrounds, diverse work history, and tireless dedication to managing the foundation’s assets and investments. Because of the Board’s careful management of financial assets, we have been able to improve the quality of life for Presbyterian Village North residents and make other meaningful grants.

2020 Board of Trustees

2020 Board of Trustees


Robert Maier


Frank LaCava

Vice Chair

Corbet Bryant


Gary Carson


Other Voting Members

Pam Altizer

Cynthia Floyd

Ila Kraft

Nancy Miller

James M. Spell, Jr.

Honorary Trustees

Kyle Hobin

Former Executive Director and Founder of the Gateway Society

Billye Miars

Longest Serving Chair, 9 years, Chair Emeritus, Currrent Advisor

Dr. Joe Roach

Former Vice Chair, Treasurer and Investment Committee Chair

Eric Vohtz

Former Board Chair and Secretary

Jim Wiley

Former Board Secretary and Planning & Budget Committee Chair


Kathleen Burrow

Executive Director and Controller

Karen Gooding

Executive Resident Relations Manager

Board Structure


Dr. Don Leonard, the founder of the Presbyterian Village North Foundation, envisioned an independent foundation controlled by the residents of Presbyterian Village North. As the first chairman, he believed having nine members on the Board of Directors would enable greater input from individuals interested in the activities of the Foundation. At least two-thirds of the total number of voting members of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation must be residents of Presbyterian Village North. Currently, seven of the nine voting trustees are residents of Presbyterian Village North.

The term of office of an elected trustee is three years with the possibility of reelection to a second three-year term. Trustees are grouped in classes by year, and terms are staggered so that only one third of Board member’s terms expire in any given year. Throughout its history, the Foundation has experienced continuity of leadership much of which can be attributed to the resident-led Board.

In addition to the nine voting trustees, the Foundation has ex-officio members that represent all areas of the campus.

These members help to ensure the flow of information between their areas of interest, involvement, or influence and the Foundation, often working to inform others about the workings of the Foundation and helping to alert the Foundation of areas that may qualify for assistance.

Representatives serve from:

  • The Village Council – Independent Living
  • Joyce Hall Council – Assisted Living
  • Health Care Unit
  • Executive Director of Presbyterian Village North
  • Spiritual Life Director of Presbyterian Village North


The Board also seeks input from honorary trustees who are elected by voting trustees based on their distinguished service to the Foundation. Additionally, the Board can appoint advisors to serve as counsel to all Board members. These individuals provide continuity related to the history and purpose of the Foundation and may handle special assignments as requested by the Board.

The varied backgrounds and diverse work experience of the trustees provide expertise in a variety of areas that enables the Board to make knowledgeable decisions in regard to managing and directing the affairs of the Foundation. As residents themselves, trustees see firsthand the needs of the Presbyterian Village North community. Trustees provide valuable insight and often help meet the needs of their living areas by working with Presbyterian Village North management in connection with grants.

Trustees take seriously their fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the Foundation’s funds are invested and well managed. The Foundation has benefited from the contributions of Texas Instrument’s community service program which has helped to provide advice and leadership in the financial and investment areas of the Foundation. Texas Instruments’ representatives have served as trustees and chaired the Investment Committee since 2009.